Why Planning is Important for Managers

Planning is a process it follows the series of step in which manager who is the authority thinks about its stuff in advance that for a specific period of time what will be the business to be done, manager thinks about its location that in which area it needs to be done, who and how that process is going be completed.

Planning meaning thinking of future, in the coming three of four years what are the works to be done by the particular person, planning creates the link between today’s and or destination target, obliviously the target is to become leading company in the industry of market where company enjoys unlimited fame.

Each individual living on this earth is needed to plan his or her activities otherwise the things will become worse not even the humans but this whole universe is working the planning like a bird is build its nest as it makes planning to live a durable time in that nest, it is going to lay its legs or going to birth its baby.

For managers planning is a process in which managers defines its goals and introduce the strategies that how to accomplish that goal.

There are so many reasons for a manager to plan things earlier as the planning gives you the right direction to work and avoid any uncertainty which can lead the company to harmful acts.

Once you have made the planning say for suppose planning in manufacturing department will takes the company to avoid any wastage of the raw materials, when the things are planned accordingly there will be a maximum use to raw materials.

Planning is also importance for the effective performance talking about the manufacturing department where there is a large amount of finance and raw material is involved, if you have planned the things like from where the manufacturing process should be started and what should be the end of that process, how the waste from the raw material is going to be used as by adopting this technique company also fulfill the obligation of keeping the atmosphere clean and unpolluted.

In a sugarcane industry there is a chain and it has brilliant planning regarding the process of manufacturing and also to avoid the wastage like when the sugarcane is purchased from the formers and the company will insert that sugarcane in the machine which skim the juice of sugarcane from it, now the remaining wastage is the skin of that sugarcane to which company will use for the making of papers.

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