What is Consumerism and What are the Causes Why it was Introduce ?

Consumerism is a union which was organized in order to protect the quality of the product by the general public, a collective, united efforts are called as consumerism after that the services of the many organizations were improved.

The Consumerism is a process in which people seek for the problem solution to their damages and the remedy for dissatisfaction in which people are accumulated in the procurement of their living standard.

In the consumerism the quality of the product was not only improved but this was an impulse for the ever-increasing the price as well which was managed at reasonable.

In the 20th century where the quality of the product was compromised with the quality of the product the people were feeling dissatisfaction and were not happy with the services which were offered by the companies this is why the an ideology was introduced which was socio-economic and helped to get recover to the quality.
There are so many reasons for the establishment of the consumerism but some of the reasons are discussed here under:

Deceptive Technique of the Trader

The trader do cheating to their customer it is a bad faith which was adopted by the traders when they do not provide the exact information to the consumers say for suppose the measurement of the products were not according to the defined quantity a sixteen liters of the oil was not exactly the sixteen it was lesser than that so such deceptive techniques were used.

Black Marketing Techniques

In the most precious occasions such as Easter or any other holy day like Muslim community celebrate Eid the goods were hoard and an artificial shortage was created by the traders to increase the price of the product and tried to avail as much benefit as they can.

Unfair Pricing and Substandard Goods

The prices were charged very high for the very less products which are not even good in quality these deceptive technique was used with the customers which were not known to the product may be they are less educated to those people the pirated copies were offered such as books the drinking water was also compromised with the substandard goods.

Adulteration in the Products

It is very unethical activity which is adopted by the most of the trader to deceive their customers the very oblivious example of such activity is the Milk in which the water is mixed to make it impure some formulas are also used to make that milk thick so that the customer feels that it is pure but it is very dangerous for the health of the children.

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