How to Recruit Vacancy Being an Human Resource Manager

Being an HR or Human Resource Manager it is the duty of an individual to appoint, hire or arrange staff for the required post which is vacant in its position.

Here is the procedure that must be adopted by the individual to avail the human resource, in the very first step the person should identify the vacancy either there is a need for a person or not, new person should be appointed or the senior person must be given an opportunity to avail that vacancy.

Next step in hiring is that to advertise that job position in the both print and electronic media, print meaning the news papers including all language of local news papers and electronic media can be the website of the company.

Well for the advertisement it must be in some position that it can encourage the qualified person to be meaning a person who feels able who has the ability to avail that position and with the use to phrases and other drafting skills it should also discourage the unqualified person so he or she should not apply.

As much as the applications receives a company for a position vacant within their department the chances for the more better recruitment and by discouraging unqualified person is to avoid the paper work and the late announcement of interview or test whatever the procedure is followed by the company.

There are so many factors that affect the recruiting process which can be the category of the organization either it is a small or large, next can be the declining and new growing firms and the rewards in the shape of promotion.

For companies that are looking for the better and dynamic employees to recruit they must also have their good image in the industry as well if the company does not enjoy the good reputation than the skilled labor will avoid to apply for the vacant position and the pool of applications which are of the less or probably be no skilled labors will be received.

One more thing is also to be noted by the skilled labor and the person who has better skills than others which are needed for the company is that the also see check the internal organizational policy either they do promote their staff on the basis of the performance or not, will they get opportunity to serve on higher position or not.

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