How do Managers Acquire the Power needed for Leadership

There are three dimensions of managerial power which has an effective influence on its employees or the work force working under such management these dimensions are described here below:

Downward Dimension , Upward Dimension and the Lateral Dimension
In the Downward dimension the power of the manager’s authority starts from the down to up or top where on the other hand the dimension for the upward power is it is starts from the top to bottom.

The lateral dimension is totally different from other dimensions as it has an equal influence and the power is distributed to all in the hierarchy but some of them has an edge for their competitive skills they do enjoy a bit more power than the others but these are very rare.

These three dimensions of the powers are used by the managers to maintain its position by using the personal and position power in which these three dimension of the powers are exercised.

Position power can be build by the manager with the centrality (decision to make by only the one man or authority) and by enhancing the task relevance of own activities and work unit activities, the position power can be build by using the speech verbal or non verbal in order to define the tasks which the workforce feels are difficult to evaluate.

The power can be build among the work force by using their personal energy and critical thinking such as using the methods of training in which the education, participation in the professional association with such activities the mind of the work force becomes broader and they start feeling critically and provide the creative ideas and easy methods to do the job.

The power can be build by the use of political savvy, it does not mean that managers or other work force should do politics in the management or organization but it is way to negotiate, attract and understand goals and means that other people accept.

Managers use their different technique in order to prove their presence in the organization by expanding their contacts with the senior people or the people who are sitting in the challenging positions, sometimes they do make the speeches as we have discussed that it is necessary to understand the political savvy to communicate and easy understanding, they also do participation in the problem solving task forces, these all techniques are using to increase their personal name and fame and the reorganization.

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