How an Interviewer Conducts the Interview

There are two perspectives in the interview, Interviewer and the Interviewee, Interviewer is a person who conducts the interview from the person and the person or candidate who is appearing for the interview is known as interviewee.

An interview is one of the function of the human resource manager through which he recruits the vacancies which are lying vacant.

Before you go for the interview you must see check few things and make rehearsal for the interview in order to avoid any confusion or hesitation before the interviewer as it will not put any good impact on the conductor.

In the very first step you should be looking at your personal appearance, your dress code for particular interview which is varying according to profession like for a business candidate the dress code for him is three piece suit.

The behavior of the candidate is mostly noted by the boss or the interviewer who conducts interview once he have noted the personal appearance and wearing like shoes, tie, dress etc you should take bath before the interview.

Before the interviewer some people try to be smarter let me give you a suggestion do not do such mistake of being smart in front of the panel, do not try to lie or cheat any do any kind of deceiving activity, they know everything with a blink of eye they judge you all.

The things that you are going to do is to be polite, academic and emotionally stable and try to offer or show what you are selling which is obliviously the talent, the skills and knowledge you possess, you must showcase or display that in a good manner.

The object of the interviewer is to find out the best person among the pool or the group of peoples who are having good skills, knowledge and sometimes experience is preferred.

In the rehearsal you should make your tough to become more fluent in the orthodox questions which are Introduce yourself, what are your skill?, What are your weakness these are the often asked by the interviewer you just need to get rhythm in these questions and try not to hesitate and rush to answer any question.

Sometimes people make mistakes by giving wrong answers which leads them to disqualification for the position, once you have heard the question if you have understand that you should reply with polite way and think before you answer you take time that a positive sign, but you heard ambiguous you should say pardon me sir, the interviewer will ask again and make sure that you have understand the question.

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