Duties of the Human Resource Manager

Humans are the people and the management which is used by the specialized persons as a resource to manage the people or work force for a company.

Human Resource is a process followed by the different steps of hiring skilled labor or may be selecting the best among the people from the pool of applications that are received after the advertisement of the job.

There are multiple duties of a Human Resource Manager which are performed by the Human Resource Manager which are discussed as under:

The Human Resource Managers are essential for the organizations as the place or put the particular person to the right department, say for suppose it is the duty for the Human Resource first to recognize the vacancy in the organization and advertise that vacancy in the electronic and print media and with a particular process hire the person and place that person on the right place, a place to which it belongs by seeing the expertise and specialization of that person.

The other job or duty of a Human Resource Manager is to allot or decide the fair wages for the new recruiters in the shape of salary, the packages of salaries do vary according to the experience and potential of new appointments, the salaries should be according to the law of a country and must be enough so the person can live the easy life.

Though it is not in the prime duties of the Human Resource Manager to check their employees either they are healthy or not but the Human Resource Manager provides such mechanism in which the health and soft lasers of the employees are kept on priorities.

Another important job for a Human Resource Manager is to resolve the grievances of the employees either it is from the department or organization or sometimes companies makes arrangements of tours and other activities as they try to keep their employees entertained and mentally fit.

Knowledge, Skills and Training is also offered by the Human Resource Manager to those employees who do lake in their responsibilities in which they are encouraged and well trained to do the job.

Human Resource Manager is all about the management of the people, today world is going to the competitive in which companies tries to hire those people who are at the top skilled and their conceptual skills are much better than others, but it is also necessary for the organization to know that from where they will get such potential, it is organization who allow them to showcase their skills so the recruitment of new blood is important as well.

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