What functions are carried out by the Retailer ?

A retailer is a person who is final piece of the chain performs certain functions which are described as under:

A retailer is involved with the process of buying and selling of the products from the both of the parties the wholesaler and the ultimate customer, a retailer purchase the products from wholesaler in a handsome quantity and sales those products in small quantity to the final customers.

A retailer keeps the products in the shop as it provides function of storing as well, retailer stores the products of different companies at single place for the very short period of time and in very little quantity as well.

Grading and packing function is also carried out by the retailer in which retailer gives the different categories to products and pack them, different quality and different sizes of the goods are packed by the retailer for a consumer.

A retailer is also act as an advisory for the customer, the customers ask for the advice from a retailer as a retailer is involved with the multiple brands customers sometimes feels confusion which to purchase and which to not that’s why they ask from the retailer and retailer what he thinks is good shares his views with the customer.

Provisions of Information: a retailer keep the information for the customer and shares it with the personalities for whom it is important to know what the customers are looking for like Producer it is very essential for the producer to know the likes and dislikes of the customers.

Retailer keeps the information like about the demand of the customer, fashion which is carried out by the public, culture and trend as well which is followed by the ultimate customers.

The retailer is also provides the facility to final customer of the home delivery, the products are provided to them at home with some extra charges retailer provides goods at home, in some business the home delivery is specialty like E-Commerce in which the goods are delivered at the door steps.

After sale service is also provided by the retailer, once a product is purchased by the customer now after the purchase of the goods the retailer also provided services such as maintains of the appliances, producer sometimes allows the customer to maintain their goods after six months free of cost from the retailer for what a retailer is paid by the producers.

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