What are the Classification of the Retailers

Retailers are classified into different categories in which the act or perform their respective jobs, there can be more classification then the discussed below but to which I do believe are necessary to know are:

General Stores:

General Store Retailers are in which the dealing of general products are processed like there are multiple products in the shop more than hundred products may be in which the general stores are dealing with.

In the General Store a Retailer deals with the variety of goods most of the general stores in the market are self serviced where you by personally go and choose your product and keep that product in a cart and bring that cart at the counter for the payment of the products that you have choose to purchase.

In the General Stores there are fixed prices mostly you cannot bargain on the priced tagged with the product, a shopkeeper cannot uplift or down the price of a products personally as the products are scanned via a product’s bar code and bar codes are read by the computer and automatically is set which is fixed in the instructions so there is a no bargain on the products.

General Stores also sometimes provide facility to provide goods at home on you single call like KFC, Pizza Hut and so on these are the providing services on your single call when you have mood to eat the Pizza but you do not want to go out you just simply make the call to Pizza Hut tell them the correct address the Pizza is delivered to your home with some charges.

Mail or Post Oder:

It is one of the classification of the retailer in which products are provided via post (delivery of goods through post) in which the selection of catalogue takes place where you have to select like V.P.P its Value payable Post and so on.

Sometimes the company also mail the complete list of the products to its customers in which the customer tick mark the required products and then the company only make currier of the tick marked goods to the customer.

The Hawkers, Peddlers, On, Bikes, Carts or any special designed vehicles are used by the retailer to sale the products door to door hawker makes shouting and takes the name of the products to attract the customer and makes sale similar the person who is on cart of any special designed vehicle ring the bells (Ice Cream Cart).

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