What are Four Different P’s of Marketing

Marketing Mix or Marketing P’s is the term which is used to describe the combination of four inputs or elements which constitutes of the company’s marketing system which are known as

• The Product
• The Price Structure
• Place (Distribution System)
• The Promotional Activities

These are the inputs who’s combination is called marketing in which the complete marketing revolves, it is the best tool used for commercial activities such as marketing by the marketers or promoters.

For the inputs like Product, in which management or the authority is concern what to produce, a product that must be produced in order to complete the consumer need.

At what price the product of the a company should be sold keeping an eye the purchasing power of the company, what cost a consumer can pay for the product.

The location of the market must be convenient or which is easy to available for the customer, door to door markets can be created by introducing free home delivery.

To advertise the product for what the customer must have knowledge regarding your product, the features of your product so it can get attracted company appoints sometimes specially marketers to promote the product of the company, all means of promotions are used like print media and electronic media etc.

A product which provides the facilities and utilities to the customer or consumer can get high sale, a product can be divided into two parts which are the goods and the services.

Goods which are tangible in sense and the service which are intangible to whom you can just feel but cannot touch the physically a computer is a product which is provides facilities to customer and also meets the satisfaction, the treatment from a doctor is a services doctor does not give any tangible product but he or she provides services which are intangible you can feel them only.

A product must be packaged in a way so it can attracted to the customer, sometimes people do not know much regarding the product but the packaging and appearance of the product attracts them to be consumed, some people may not have much knowledge regarding pizza at first but the looks of pizza get you attracted.

The product of a company must be innovative it must possess regular changes and continues changes form better to better as it is race and pace, people’s taste changes very quickly because new products with new services are introduced.

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