Qualities of Good Salesman

A sales man is a person who is an employee of an organization which is involved in the promotional activities for a company, they go to the different places shop to shop and door to door as well to increase the sale of a company, different locations are followed by the sales mans to provide complete knowledge of the product to general public which is known as promotional activity.

A sales man who is representative for a company needs some qualities as he is directly involved with the customers, a sales man is controlled and managed by the sales manager.

The physical quality of any sales man is his good appearance by look a sales man must be in dress coat if the company follows the dress coat rules if not so the sales man must have at least washed and clean cloths, a sales man must also be sound and healthy physically, if a person is looking dull by its appearance or he is lazy it puts bad impact on the general public.

Sales man must provide a good posture to public his body language and style the way of handshake, eye contact these are the things which are noted by the public and which attract them toward the purchase of product of any company.

The pleasant voice of sales man normally it is famous for the females that they have the pleasant voice which attract customer towards the company but it is a myth by the word pleasant voice means the voice of a salesman must be clear and easily understandable to each individual.

A salesman must also have the mental qualities for its quick actions when the salesman talk about the promotion or qualities for any product of the company he should not provide any space to think to a customer regarding any bad quality of the product, a salesman must be attentive and perform quick activities.

Salesman also posses the imaginative quality in which by your eyes a salesman understand what is needed to you what is your choice for the satisfaction, a salesman has the knowledge of the company’s product he will let you know to decide for your choice.

A salesman also posses the social and moral qualities, a salesman must behave in good manner to avoid any conflict he must be adopt the tactfulness, a salesman is helpful to others as he is co-operative and acts friendly, he is trustable for the customers.

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