Characteristics of a Retailer as a channel of Distribution

The word Retailer is derived from the French language whose meaning in to cut again the main motto or purpose for a retailer is to create the demand of a product among the consumers the majority of business in this universe is of retailing in which the directly selling of product goods and services to the final customer who purchase that product for personal use is involved.

A retailer posses so many attributes for what it is vital in the market for the customers and for producer as well , the traits of the retailer are can be:

A retailer who is a part of the channel of distribution in the chain it creates link among the wholesaler to the final or ultimate consumer.

A retailer is a person who has the personal contact or face to face sale with the customers for the producer it is very important to know what the general public is looking for, in which they are interested, this complete information is provided through a chain by the retailer.

As the business who totally rely on the satisfaction of the customers with the product but what really can satisfy the customer can know only either the customer or the retailer, a retailer has a knowledge regarding ends and want of the final customer.

A retailer do not have any single brand product it sales the goods in different varieties of goods there can be more then hundred company’s product in which a retailer is dealing with each product with different attribute and different utilities.

A retailer to attract its customers showcase the product or display its products on the window like you have seen the dummy wearing the cloths of different company in the markets through which you are attracted to purchase that particular shirts.

A retailer also deals on the credit as well some customers who are loyal but do not have money at the time of purchase of goods a retailer allows him to buy products on account after a time the payment is made by the customer, a retailer is known as the selling point as well from where you purchase the goods.

A retailer is a person who provides you goods at the convenient place sometimes door to door, the goods and services are available at easy point may be near to your home, in a area there are markets in each colony which are near to the population a retailer keeps its selling point in the market which is near and easily available to the public.

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