What are the organizational Changes that a Manager Faces

A manager is a leader who with its skill, knowledge and ability makes ensure that the things are going in order and each resource is at its perfect place where it should be.

A change simply meaning a process in which we shift our self from one to another say for suppose if I use to take tea in the morning but after sometimes I skipped the tea and started taking coffee that is the change.

Though a manger face multiple and minor changes on its daily routine but there are some changes which affect on the work process of the organization has a great influence these changes are:

Change in the Structure of the Organization

Any change in the external environment will lead the organization structure to be changed completely it is kind of change in which the basic market or the functions of the organization are changed it is also said that the change in structure of organization has the meaning that a change in the building of the organization for example:

Today the things are changing rapidly with new fashion, features and attractive things are easily available, it is one of the technique of the marketing to attract the customer, to change in the look of the organization like MacDonald the structure of the MacDonald company is quite attractive and famous for the new and rapid changes.

When you go to the MacDonald you can see their building is quite different from others they have a separate place for parking, a separate place for children’s playground and the sitting place of customers is quite interesting, the zigzag settings amazing atmosphere always becomes the cause of attractiveness.

Change in the Technology:

The world is shifting its self from the analog technology to the digital technology in which all the human work is done by the technologies such as robots, robots in some countries are performing the job of butlers, a labor for any organization and other work which is carried out by the human.

Though it is expensive than the human to adopt the technology but the process of the products is much faster than the humans.

Previously in the organizations you can see there was less safety techniques that were used but now you can see from the pin to machine is secured with the use of technology lets understand this with an example:

The automatic and security code doors, affective cyber team these are the perfect example for the technological change.

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