Span of Control, Centralization and Decentralization of Organization

Span of control is through which you can easily have an idea that how efficiently and effectively the personnel of the company’s are though it is the duty of the manager to manage the employees of the organization as it shows the control of the organization to employees.

If we just simply define the term span of control it means the total area of the boundary in which government or the organization or any other authority has the control, similarly in the organization the span of control refers to boundaries of the organization in which organization controls its resources.

A company has an employee of the almost four thousand that is a multinational company but if the company is able to control or can order their employees up to the three thousand five hundred employees only that is the their span of control in which organization can have its authority the remaining five hundred employees are beyond its control due to multiple reason.

The reason can be the Union of Labors, labors for their rights and completion of the demands used to form a union which is their legal and constitutional right with the development of such union the organization is not able to get fully control on the organization.

There are some decisions that organization believe are good for the organization but the labor or the workforce of the organization believes it is against their profit and it can harm them that’s why they do reject and oppose to that decision, now if the organization is said to have total span of control the decision should be imposed and implemented.

But if the government has not such span of control or there is more influence of the labor union the organization cannot implement their wish or decision such things are to be treated as the barriers to the span of control.

The centralization and decentralization of the in an organization is quite linked to the span of control, it is mandatory to get involve their work-force in order to get fully span of control on the organization otherwise it will not be easy for the organization to implement their wiling.

Centralization is a way through which organization can keep all the making of decision authority to itself only, the suggestions of the managers of all levels such lower level manager, middle level manager and other managers are avoided here only the top managers or few persons have the authority to take the decisions.

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