Hierarchy of Managers Working in Different Organization

Every organization has group of people every person perform his job according to the instructions given by his manager.

To complete the job assigned to him by his manager he is given some limited rights to take decisions according to situation.

These rights and responsibility creates relationship between groups of superior and subordinate. There are three levels of management:

Top Management, Middle Management, First line Management or Operational Management

Top Management

 They are the managers at the highest level of management

 Their job is kind of stressful

 Their job demands full time dedication and commitment towards the organization

 Managers at the top management are responsible for the success or failure of the organization

 Managers at top level known as chairman , directors , board of directors , CEO , general managers etc

 They are responsible for making wide decisions for the organization

 They establish plans and set goals and make strategies to achieve the goals that affects the reputation of the organization

Middle Management

 middle managers include all managers between top managers and first line managers

 these managers manage the work of first line managers and report to top managers

 they create bridge between top managers and first line managers

 they communicates orders to the first line managers and carries their problems to top managers

 middle managers give advises to the top managers

 they implement strategies , plans , and policies which are set by the top management

 they have limited authorities and responsibilities

 they need to spend more time in communicating between top managers and first line managers

 they directly answerable to the top management that is chief executive officer and board of directors of the organization

 middle managers are selected by top managers

they are the head of departments like finance manager , purchase manager , sales manager , branch managers etc

First lien Management or Operational Management

 first line managers are selected by the middle managers

 they are bridge between workers and middle managers

 they supervise to the workers

 operational managers informs the workers decisions taken by management

 they inform the middle management about the performance and problems of workers

 they have authority to make daily or weekly plans to get work from workers

 they are answerable to middle management

 they spend more time with workers because they direct or gives orders to workers

 they must have good communication skills along with management skills

 these managers are foremen , supervisor etc that is why they also called supervisory management.

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