What is Difference Between the Plan and Strategy

A plan is a detailed proposal for achieving anything, Plan or Planning meaning thinking in advance, it is a kind of making anticipation regarding something that with such and such ways such and such things can be achieved or accomplished.

Whereas the word strategy refers to the or it is treated as the military term in which the military use to plan and direct the complete military operations in the contingency of the war, whenever a person uses the word strategy psychologically in the mind the definition of strategy of military comes in mind.

Though there are many differences between the plan and strategy but the main difference is that plan is for short term whereas the strategy is for the long term, in the planning the person think in advance for anything for the shorter period and slowly gradually if he successes the planning will run for the medium term.

After a some stance the planning can be treated for the longer period but as far as the strategy is concerned here the strategy meaning is that planning for anything for the longer period without waiting for the result the strategy is carried out for the long period of time.

In the planning there is a complete series of steps that are followed by the individual to reach the target but in the strategy it is totally different, the people who makes the strategy has to take the step which is best it does not involve any series to be followed.

When a person is making planning regarding anything the person will focus only on the resources which are available to it at the spot which makes the boundary or which creates a limit to the thinking of an individual whereas in the strategy the decisions are made on the basis of the environmental factors, such as soil, water, company background and so on.

Planning is a dummy there can be no reality of that particular plan it can be changed or it can be adjust and even it can be ignored completely but in the strategy the decisions are made according to your thinking what you have mind or what you have planned to do in course of time.

In the planning there is an involvement of three W’s such as what, where, and when but in the strategy on one or single H is involved that is how.