Selling the Products in Chain Stores and Departmental Stores

In the most of the developed and developing country there is the trend of the business to sell the products in the chain or there are the departmental stores within the market in which the customers come and enjoy the both facilities, they do purchase the product which are needed by them and also they are entertained as well which is going to be discussed later.

Chain Stores

In the chain stores there are multiple shops which are having similar board and brands, the chain of store is processed under a single management role, in this method the companies makes direct selling to the consumer the roll or wholesaler and retailer is avoided here.

The stores are placed at different places in which the price of the product is same in all over the country the chain has unique price in which only special products are offered for the sell such as shoes.

These stores are operated by mostly the brands (companies) like Nike, Ford, Castle and so on, the companies sometimes also offer the license to the general public in order to also have contribution in the management of the general public which is known as the franchised.

In the chain stores the atmosphere is pretty pleasant, the lightening, fragrance, air-conditioned, and well decorated as well, these are the methods to attract the customer, when a customer is offered such facilities he sometimes makes compromise with the purchasing power as well.

Departmental Stores

Departmental Store is a market in which people can get everything at one place starting from a pin to the car, a departmental store is consist of the huge building in which there are multiple shops operated under one roof which is mostly established in the area which is more populated in the city.

The establishment of the such center or departmental store is a huge investment for which the company makes the auction and offer the service from the different producers to establish their shop in that departmental store.

More than fifty companies are involved in the departmental stores which offer different services such as there is a restaurant as well, when you do shopping you get tiered and want to take some rest and eat food to energize yourself, in the departmental store the service of restaurant is available as well.

The mothers who bring their children for the shopping there is play land which is also offered by the different companies for the entertainment of the people where the children play games and their mother enjoys doing shopping in comfortable, the facility of lifts, elevators, restrooms are also provided by the departmental store.