Difference between GRE and IELTS

GRE is abbreviated as General Record Examination or some use this term as Graduate Record Examination, this is an exam that proofs that a particular person or candidate is having a knowledge of English language.

This particular examination is taken once the pupil has completed its sixteen years of education typically known as bachelors, it is needed or required by the many universities that a student who is willing to study with our university must have cleared the examination of Graduate Record Examination.

There are different scores that are given to the student when they appear and give exam of the Graduate Record Examination which are typically measured in the Bands, the bands starts from minimum five band to eight bands.

The minimum requirement of any university which has the requirement of the General Record Examination is six band, if a candidate has cleared or passed the examination with the score of six band is eligible for entrance in the university otherwise the candidate will be disqualified.

Graduate Record Examination is an exam which is taken in almost in every month it is taken internationally, whenever you feel the need of Graduate Record Examination score you need to register yourself with the General Record Examination with its website.

The fees that is charged by the Graduate Record Examination varies but the current fees for the General Record Examination is almost $150 you need to pay the receipt in the respective bank and on the website you need to upload the scanned copy of your paid receipt.

After completing the process to appear in the Graduate Record Examination the date for the examination will be announced by the authority and then you are suppose to give the examination.

The IELTS is an abbreviation of International English Language Testing System, it is also a course which makes an student eligible for the study in the English countries specially in Europe.

IELTS course is much expensive and lengthy as compare to GRE, IELTS has four phases mainly in which candidates is required to clear in all the categories such as listening, reading, speaking and writing.

IELTS course gives an assurance regarding the candidate that the particular student has the ability to read, write, speak and listen the English language.

For the test of IELTS there are four sections for listening section the candidate is required to listen a particular audio and after listening the audio some questions from the same audio has been asked if the candidate understands the questions he can answer the questions if not the candidate will become fail.