Why we do Window Shopping or Window Dressing

Window shopping is a an activity which proceed with an intention not to buy anything but to analyze the product and make decisions for the future.

As the word describes that no expenditure of money at all but the energy, infect it also mean that enjoy without any cost. Most of the women like to go for window shopping to explore the new things before they can buy and know about all the views for a particular thing.

There are so many advantages of window shopping, like, you can shop smartly and know about all the trends which are in now a days in the markets. you can shop without any fear of using money or any type of expense for several hours.

Another benefit of window shopping is that you are relaxed or less stressed because you are not bound to choose the exact color or items that you decide for buying purpose etc.
One of the best benefit of window shopping is that the knowledge of the new things, their qualities, their prices, their categories etc.

Window shopping can border the view on all types of items in the market, so we can choose the best thing or good quality of things with less expense.

We can learn so many points from window shopping like, analyzing of things, dealing with people or we can say that conversation with different peoples on different item, from which we can collect the different ideas. It means window shopping increases the skills of a person that how to deal with others, how to speak or to convenes.

Interesting thing is that in window shopping we don’t have anything to carry in our hand, no heavy load to carry, so we can feel so relaxed during such type of shopping.

Window shopping can be done on internet that is online you can search the new items or new collections or know about what is in and out of the market now a days.

Online window shopping is much easier then you can go in malls where you feel tired but online you are free from all these fatigues.

One thing which is missing in online window shopping is that analyzing of things personally and we can check the materiel of things which we want to buy and we can get the ideas through conversation with others.

So the conclusion is that through window shopping stress is released and a person feels relaxed because of the joyful environment. And you feel happy and satisfied.

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