What re the Total Quality Organization What are its Values

It is the reality of today’s economy that the organization who are delivering the qualitative products are the only organizations who survive for the longer period, it is process which is fully optimized with the quality.

In today’s economy few factors are essential for their growth and sustainability like the role of technology and innovation, the world which has become the game of finger tips it is the touch of the pressing key of keyboard or using the android applications the information is shared and can be viewed at the interned from the manufacturing to services.

The Qualitative Organization’s values are measured on the following elements

Customer Driven: a customer who is the main element for the survival of the organization and from which the companies generate their revenues it is must that they should keep and develop good relations with the customers by fulfilling their determined needs.

The communication system with the customer must be reliable so on the basis of their feedback the effective steps can be taken by the company for the improvement of any lack if there is any.

Leadership Commitment: The leaders of the company must be committed to their strategies that leads them to the success, the organizations must have the strong leadership commitment for their continuous improvement and the open and clear message from the leadership proves the commitment of doing anything.

A leader always keep its follower’s benefits on top like their rewards, their safety at workplace demonstrate to the workers that the team and the organization is really serious.

Full Participants: It is very important for each organization that they must value their employees they should let their employees to take part in the decisions and they must feel empowered these things are some value added factors for any organization.

Reward System: It is oblivious that there no free bread for anybody similarly the employees of the organization also expect some recognitions and rewards from the organization as they feel self-esteem with such schemes.

Prevention not Deduction: It is also one of the core value of the organization that the organization should seek the prevention of the any error if occurs not only deductions the organization must not believe in the phrase that “Don’t not fix it until unless its broken” they should take prompt actions to prevent any misshapen and unpleasant situation.

Management by Fact: it is very essential for the organization that the data which is collected by the employees within the work they perform, it must be used for decision making process.

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