What is the Process for Decision that should be followed

The manager of all level Top Level, Middle Level and Lower level in all the areas are the persons who take decisions, they do analyze and make choice that which is the optimum solution.

The top level managers who has authority to take decision regarding the goals, of the organization placement of the plants or machinery or may be the launch of new products, where as the middle level managers take decision regarding the operation or the process of manufacturing the goods and the lower level managers are directed to take decision regarding the staff working under them, they can be supervisor who lead the team for production.

Typically there are seven steps to be followed by the manager in order to take decision which are as follows:

Identification of the Problem

Make your mind believe that each decision that you take either you are manger or not even a household person takes the decision, each decision has the problem behind that so the first step is to identify the problem which occurs like low quality, may be the bad feedback and the high price as well these are the oblivious problems.

Decision Criteria and Allocation of weights:

These are the two steps both are interrelated to each other criteria meaning the requirement, what are the inputs that are required for the decision solution suppose you need computer so monitor and CPU and its inputs needed and allocations are the quality of that inputs( Ram, Hard Disk Etc) this is the criteria of your requirement.

Developing and Analyzing Alternatives

In these two steps for the inputs that you need you have to search the multiple suppliers in order to make analyze and take the best available option, (HP, IBM, Dell) these are the alternatives to each other so who ever gives you the best criteria choose that one.

Selection and Implementation:

In these two phases you have to select the alternative that you have decided after making the compression and made mind that this particular is best for the company, now you have to select that alternative and implement it into your company for the results.

After following all the above steps now the time has come the outcome which definitely be in the favor of your company by following this process you can not only make the best choice but also save your company from the wastage of time and waste of money as well.

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