What are the Aids to Trade?

Business is involved in a process where the describable things are extracted from the earth and then transformed into semi-finished or finished goods by providing fashion either by machine or by man and then carried from place to place and stored through time and place.

In a company there are various products which are produced for the process to earn some value and with a chain of distribution these goods are shifted or transferred from one place to other place or from the producer to consumer which is final customer of the company.

The products or units which are produced by the companies specially which are large in size are used to kept in the warehouses firstly.

Warehouse is an aid to trade for a business in which goods are stored for the specific period of time or stored to wait for its suitable season or to provide help to save it from being harmful as the rays of the suns are harmful for different products, the process of transportation can take some time that’s why it is stored in warehouses to keep them save from external effects.

Transportation is one of the major mean to provide goods at the door place or the market place no matter how much bigger the size of a business is , the transportation is involved in each business.

The things which are extracted from earth such as minerals are then transported to different locations towards the plant which are specialized to fashion them and give them a final look, and again to transfer those finished goods to final customer who is ready to pay for the value.

Warehouses and Transportation are aids to trade as they provide a link to connect the owner or innovator to the customer goods are stored and then shifted via vehicles which help the business to grow and earn some value.

Banking is also an aid to trade as the major transactions are done through the bank, the bank is safe and secure for the major financial transactions and also it give the assurance to the both parties to be relax that the required amount is paid or delivered to the customer.

Bank is also an aid for trade in a way that it gives different facilities and packages to businessman like pay order, form for the tenders, traveler’s cheques and by pay a proper tax to government it also help to avoid the unnecessary payment of the taxes.

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