Variation between the priorities of Manufacturer and Customer

In General Perspective in this world everybody has its own priorities, each individual set their priority according to their own requirement, an student who is young and energetic its priority is to acquire the higher education on scholarship but similarly some students also have priority to finish education earlier and hunt the job, so the priority varies person to person.

In the business point of view the priorities which are set by the manufacturer are totally different than the customer both are optimists to their requirement.

A manufacturer is a person who assemble things together and create a single product for the common cause which is to earn profit, where as a customer is a person for whom the product is manufactured and by whom the product is consumed, a customer only purchases those products for which he believe that it possess some utilities for them.

The top priority of any manufacturer is to get maximum output from the raw material in order to get and raise in the profit, a manufacturer also produces some substitute products in order to get in use of those raw material which are treated as no use, but a proper manufacturing trends can leads to no wastage.

For Example: A sugar mill is perfect example of the proper use to raw material with no wastage at all if you have visited the sugar mill you can understand very well but if you didn’t I will make sure to let you understand.

In the sugar mill the sugarcanes are put into the machine which in the output skim the juice from the sugarcane set aside the cover that is naturally wrapped with sugarcane and then you can see the that particular thing the factory makes the paper covers which are levied on the book.

In the customer point of view a customer always looks for the high quality product with minimum charges though it is difficult for the any company to provide qualitative product with cheap rates because in this procedure the (for lower price) the quality of the product is compromised.

For that it is believed that those product which are less qualitative are mostly cheaper in price but those whose price is handsome or the manufacturer charges good price for those products are qualitative, it is not because what a manufacturer wants but it is the cost that occurs during the manufacturing of product.

Customer always attract to those products which are not only the cheaper in price but also to its looks , the packaging and branding of the products also helps to attract the customer.

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