Technical Skills, Human Skills and Conceptual Skills

These are the skills that a manager must possess in order to run any organization, these three types are known as managerial skills.

Technical Skills

These are the skills in which knowledge and ability is required to perform any specialized task , Managers who are playing the all rounder roll for the organization technical skills is also one of the face of the manager in which manager performs the skills of technocrats in which the ability to manager and develop the budget, critical writing, communication, ability to work under pressure, management of time, deciding critical issues, resolution of any conflict and self motivation. Technical skills are essential for the effective results.

For instance: a manager who is the computer programmer as well he needs the knowledge regarding the encryption, knowledge regarding the different languages of the computer algorithm or any other knowledge which is necessary for a computer programmer.

Human Skills

The experts have decided three stage for any person to decide that he posses the human skills which are Technical Human and Conceptual skills, Human skill is on the second stage in which a manager is responsible to communicate with the workers and the top level managers these are also called as the relational skills, there is a chain of or levels of manger who has different human skills but one thing is common which is communication it is a liaison, how well you can manage the humans regarding the solution of the contextual problems.

The managers who are known for the abilities of effectiveness the well behaving and proper dealing with people provide them the ability, this is skill is essential which can lead anybody to for succession.

The human skills can be sensitivity of a manager to other peoples a manager treat people fairly so they should not feel any unwanted feelings managers listen their employees very carefully and intently, managers provide empathy to its employees.

Conceptual Skills

Mangers who provides the concept of thinking critical they provide the abstract idea, plan or intension, a manager is responsible to provide room for the thinking creatively, some manager follow the path of orthodox way which is to work on the directed path but few managers who are rare in quantity allows its employees to think critically in order to do things well, typically this conceptual skills is based for the top level managers only but if the employees of the company is also having to ability to think critically it will become an edge for a company to enjoy maturity.

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