Responsibilities of Pharmaceutical Companies

Every company holder has some responsibility towards their work and they make sure that their product must be safe and pure.

Pharmaceutical companies are working on minute cells for the safety of humans so their responsibilities are very much high, for this they made some plane, strategies, policies, rules and regulation.

Working for life is very much difficult because little mistake can destroy the whole population, so pharmaceutical companies make sure that their product is safe and secure.

Every pharmaceutical company has three main departments to run
their company properly;

1-Production department
2-Quality assurance department
3-Quality control department

Responsibility of production department

Manufacturing of product is done in production department Everything is checked properly before manufacturing like all the machinery, equipment’s, ingredients, area, uniforms of workers.

They maintain the humidity, temperature, pressure of that area where they are going to start the manufacturing of product, for this they place the devices to control all these parameters.

The product is manufacture in very controlled manner because slight mistake can spoil all the production.

Responsibility of production department is to control all the parameter properly so the production is safe and usable for human life.

Responsibility of Quality assurance department

The major responsibility of Quality assurance department is to keep an eye on every step of production to assure the quality of product.

They check from dispensing to marketing of the product and give approval that the product is manufactured under the supervision of quality assurance department.

These are all the responsibilities of Quality assurance department

Responsibility of Quality control department

Quality control department is the head of all departments, everything is approved by the quality control department, even quality assurance department take permission for giving any type of approval.

The main responsibility of Quality control department is to check every sample with their own equipment’s and techniques and then they give the permission to quality assurance department for final approval.

Under the supervision, check and balance of all these departments a product is manufactured and all these departments give their best to fulfill their responsibility.

Marketing responsibility

It is the responsibility of company that the product is reaches to the stores, hospitals in a same way it is packed and their appearance is maintained.

For marketing the products, manufacturers set some symposiums, seminars, and provides the information about their product, it is just like a way to advertise their product.

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