Principle of Management and Who are the Managers

Management is an art of managing or arrange the things in order every individual who spend his or her life with well set standards is known as manager, manager is anybody who know that how things can be done and how to get things done from others (such as staff working under his or her supervision).

God is a perfect example for the manager who has created this universe with no any fault with no defect from any angle each and everything is placed in order and do their jobs according to the given instructions like the Sun and Moon who arise and goes down according to their maintained timing, the Almighty who is the creature of everything has created this human He has assembled the parts of human in a way that can resist at any condition.

There are some standards for a person to become an official manager who is working in different organization like bank, restaurant, government offices and any other company, in a law for a manager the age of a manager must not be less than the eighteen years, a manager must be physically fit and fine mentally and physically as well as this personality has to take some serious decisions regarding the business entities, there is a complete procedure which is adopt by the stakeholders in order to appoint the manager within their respective areas.
Managers are the person who runs the all size of organizations or companies such as Hospital, School and College, a principal who is the head of any school or college is a manger as he manages the things, he is the responsible to keep things in order.

In previous days it was myth people were saying that only male gender can be the manager they are the only who can working in high positions but the world has changed itself dramatically female as playing lead role in the industries they have proved themselves by making some difficult but effective decisions, especially in European country almost in every office who has the cluster of managers you can easily find a good number of women who are working in senior positions.

Managers are important for any organization regardless the size , they do planning to set their matters and set their things right on the right places they are the persons who plan with expertise and organize that plan to lead and control in a way so that can give an effective feedback.

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