Managers Plan, Organize, Lead and Control

Manager is a person who takes the decision regarding the utilization of the sources he tells other what and how things can be done, manager coordinates and overseas the work which is done by the other people for the effective consequences of organizational goal, the action of the manager is not about its own or personal achievement, he do efforts and make planning others do their work.

The importance of manager cannot be sumps up in a line, sentence or paragraph as it plays the vital role for any organization, organizations needs the skill and abilities of the manager in order to deal with the uncertain, complex and chaotic times.

An experienced manager who has come across from and know the what can be the barer for any organization to accomplish its goal, mangers identify the critical issue and respond that issue very promptly, the skills and abilities of a manager is very crucial for guiding any organization in the challenging time.


Planning is a process of thinking about the arrangements which can be needed in future time, it is an advance thinking about the activities which will lead to fulfill the desired goal of the organization, thinking an advance will also leads the company for the efficiency and effectiveness.

In the process of planning a person is known to its destination the goal of the organization is crystal clear, now in the planning managers tries to develop the routes which can take them on the right path for smooth run and also keep the space for the an alternative route in case the primary route is not in order the alternative route can be followed.


In the organizing phase a manager is involved and responsible to allocate the resources which are obtained by the company and implement the plan what he had decided for the specific course of plan, once you have planned the things, you have made your mind for the specific route which you have to follow now it is the time to implement that plan and avail the benefits of that decision by practically applying that plan.


A Manager is a person is also a leader who motivates his fellows, workers who are working with and under the manger he helps to resolve the issue which are faced by any individual it provide the guideline in a spiritual context.


In nut shell or making summary of the whole concept of controlling, it is all about the monitoring the actions which are done by the others.

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