Industry and Commerce the Two Phases in Business

The word industry is originated from the Latin language word Industria whose meaning is to intelligent way of doing things.

On the other hand Commerce is also originated from Latin language who by literal meaning is known said to be as com + merx here the com meaning is with and merx meaning is merchandise the meaning occurs that it is involved in the dealing of merchandise.

The products which are produced or manufactured at different industries are traded or distributed for the purpose of earning profit with the techniques and aid of commerce.

In the Industry there are mainly the two types of industries which are known as the primary industry and the secondary industry, Primary industry which is also known as the 1st hand goods and the secondary industry is known as final goods.

In the primary industry it deals with the extraction of raw material from the earth or the minerals or resources which are obliviously the God Gifted the primary industry is involved in the extraction of raw material from such gifts and the conversion takes place in the secondary industries.

There are some products in which different parts are assembled, with the assembling of those parts a complete product can be manufactured such as Car, Motorcycle, Air Conditions, Refrigerator and other such products whose parts are manufactured at primary industries and these all parts are assembled at the secondary industries and a shape is given to that product.

Goods are semi-finished at primary industries and then given finished touch at the secondary industry, almost every product has an involvement of both the industries in the raw material where inputs are provided from those the different parts are manufactured then to be converted in secondary industry.

The Example for the assembling of goods can be the Shoes, buildings, Road, Dam

In Industry there is a branch which is known as genetic industry who is mainly concerned with the plants and animals where certain species are mixed with the object to earn profit such as forestry and livestock.

Syntheses industry which comes in the category of primary industry the different types of things are mixed into each other in order to make a single product such as Tea, Cold Drink and other, in the tea there is an involvement of Milk, Water, Tea and Sugar to present a single product there are other products as well in which different ingredients are mixed to produce a single product.

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