Industrial Cluster or Regional Cluster

Industrial Cluster or Regional Cluster is a kind of business in which a region has a specialty to create something or produce something which is unique.

It is the cluster or collection of factors such as supplier, producer and other which are inter linked and interconnected with a particular business.

The aim of the regional cluster or industrial cluster is to enhance the productivity in both ways qualitative and quantitative so they can compete not only with the national market but also with the international market.

They create business as the history told us that it is family business which is carried out by their ancestors to the current generation, the people become special and skilled as they are used to of these things.

When they are younger in their ages they see their ancestors are doing a sort of business and they feel that they should also carry that business as well, this business is an inheritance which is carried out by the generations.

Let’s understand this with an example:

A baby boy of a farmer sees his father and mother working in the fields, they are farming their land, now the mind of that baby boy is focused with the farming business though it is not necessary for every child to continued his inheritance business, but most of the children are attract and make their father and mother as an ideal for their job.

Once the business is continued by the new generation according to the thinking of new generation, new ideas are developed new techniques are adopted new methods of farming are carried by the different generations.

Today when the world has become a global village the use of technology and communication has become very vast and easy, they can communicate with the multiple cities or regions to trade their produced goods.

These businesses are known as family business as they have adopted their ancestor’s trend of doing business, though it is possible that the techniques of doing business are changed because everybody has its own mind, they do think and try to adjust their thinking in the business.

The fresh blood can take the business into new peaks and it is also possible that the individual becomes fail and could not be able to run or continue their business anymore.

The young generation can stimulate their business in different ways like

They can increase the productivity of farming with new technology used by the world which helps to increase the quantity produced by a certain area or piece of land.

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