How to Sales goods on Fair Price

Goods produced by a company, stored in warehouses, transported to different locations, and than to be consumed by the final customer which the consumer in this process different charges are charged by the different people which aid the company to introduce the products in the market for the sale.

The cost of a product produced in a factory say for suppose is $5 but until unless it reaches to the consumer the cost a price hit the $20 just because of its aid, the different people charge the different cost if we say that when goods are shifted to warehouses the warehouse charge separately, the transportation charges are also separated so the market value of product reached to $20.

There can be so many ways to sell your product on very fair and reasonable price but what I do suggest here is to provide a mechanism in which the chain of aid to trade can charge little, first of all it is the duty of the government to develop a policy also reduces the taxes imposed on the local products.

Direct sell of the product can give you the very good profit and more sale of the units as well. Direct sell meaning from the production to consumer no third party involvement, where the relationship between producer and consumer is direct, the producer can also enjoy good profit and the consumer also can get their goods in cheep prices.

This can be only possible for the tiny and small organizations only those who are big in size like multinational companies, the direct sell of goods is pretty difficult for them, because a tiny or small organization is limited to its boundary within the area or they have very limited boundary but as for the large companies are concern they sale their product in vast areas that’s why they need a chain or aids to trade.

The products can also be sold with the help on aids to trade on fair price if there is understanding between the producer with the aids, as we have discussed above to provide a policy or mechanism so if you do make a pact with the aids that they should not charge heavy charges in order to sale products in fairs prices, on behalf of their cooperation some packages can be announced for them like medical facility, insurance, and other benefit to make happy to the aid to trade.

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