How the Customer Satisfaction can be Achieved?

A customer is a king he is not loyal to anybody (an product offering company), a customer is loyal to you only when the customer feel satisfaction from your product if just a single time customer feels or fails to provide such satisfaction customer will switch from you makes favorite to another company’s product.

A customer can be anybody who has been impacted with the product or sometimes with its process that is delivered by the organization.

There are two types of customer basically for any organization who are involved with the purchase and sell and the consumption of the product these are the External Customer and the Internal Customer.

External Customers are those customers who are not involve with the consumption of the product mainly or you can say that these are not suppose to consume your product but rather then they are involved with the chain to distribute the customer, the external customers can be said an end user of the product but if the customer is not an employee of the company and purchase the product for its personal use which is the consumption of the product.

Internal Customers: Internal Customers are the employees of the company that are divided in the organizations and these customers receive the processed product, before you introduce you product to the market or to the external customer the internal customers are needed to be satisfied with the specification of the product as they are the representative of your company and product once they are satisfied they can showcase your product with integrity and eagerness.

There are two dimensions that a customer looks in the product in which he feels satisfied and that are necessary to be in the product these are the Product features and Freedom from deficiencies these dimensions are discussed below

Product Features: Product features meaning what product design is of, features are the characteristics of the product which sets aside any product from other products in the product feature the looks of the product how well it is looking (packaging of the product) what are its components and the capability of the product to satisfy one’s utility more the features you add to your product more the value add services can be provided to customer and more edge will a product have to any other product.

Freedom from Deficiencies: Freedom from deficiencies refers to the quality of conformance in which the ability of a product or service processed to meet its product’s specification as higher the conformance you carry in the product lees the complaints you will face from the customers.

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