History / Historical Background of the Business

Business has the history from the creation of this universe in the very beginning of this world which was caused by the big bang theory it is the opinion of some experts, the business starts from the birth of human but was not treated as professionally.

The very first part of the origin of human who were involved in the business of family, self efficiency or hunting in this stage people use to rely on their own stage the do hunting in order to fulfill their required need slowly gradually as the human age moves further they started to rely on the God gifted resources or postural stage or you can say the tribal system in which the people farm the land and extract the natural treasure from the earth.

As the time passes the human who is innovator, risk taker and revolutionary moves to the handicraft business in which the things were made by their hands and then exchanged with some values clothes, shoes, pots, cutting the wood and their converting those goods into furniture and other materials are the example of the handicrafts which was made by them.

Now after all such mess human has started to move towards a professional life in which they use to supply the goods on wages which was known as domestic system in which they started the phase of wage system the material was shifted from one place to another place for some value the worker was paid with some kind of like furniture, pots, food or anything which was agreed.

When there were no invention of currency or note system the things were exchanged for the things this was the pioneer of the business which is called as the barter system but as it has so many disadvantage in the exchange the barter system could not run for a longer period the disadvantage was the proper measurement of goods here the people who has farmed the land for a year if he needs clothes, shoes, or anything they used to exchange the seed in large quantity and in return of almost no value like a simple glass of a mud, after such incidents the invention of currency took place at the beginning shell, stones metals, gems were introduced as a currency.

Slowly gradually the markets took place from the local then national and then the international markets and you can see the innovation of today’s era which is shifting toward better to better.

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