Enhancement of Sale by using Social Network

Today almost the complete world has become the habitual of using social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and so and so for, in the today’s era where the whole globe is inter-connected to each other with the use of internet the way of communication becomes much easier for the businesses.

In the previous decades a business has to visit personally or send his representative to the market where he wants to deal or carry the business (sale of products) but nowadays business can be carried out from the home with the use of internet.

In the very first step you need to choose or make analyze about what age factor you want to target, it is for the professional and mature aged product or its for the adults or young and exuberant people according to the target you need to make the strategy.

Now it is very oblivious that people who are more professional and a bit aged mostly use the twitter where as on the other hand the majority of the people either they are teenage, young, professional or non professional and even the aged one the use of facebook is on their priority.

Now if you want to attract and get the attention of all the geography you need to create an account of the company or page for the advertisement of your company’s product, once the page is create now you need to promote your page as to convey to the people what you are selling.

More than hundred million people use facebook and it is a big market and a huge crowd to introduce the product promotion is paid on facebook for which you need to pay some dollars the facebook will promote your page and let people know your product that you are offering.

Promotion on the facebook page can be of free but that is really rare once you become famous you do not need to promote anymore people will automatically search your page on the facebook and avail the service that you are offering.

On the facebook when you post your products people get attracted and want to purchase your product, there are two methods to purchase the product on the facebook or any other social network, Either it can be paid online and delivered at your desired mailing address or it can be paid once the delivery of product is made to you which is called as cash on delivery you simply have to make the request and show your consent to purchase the product.

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