Electronic or E-Transfer of Funds

Day by day new inventions are taking place new and fresh ideas are introduced in the market all is to do thing better to better and live much easier life.

Previous the funds were transferred manually by the banks only a person who has account in its bank and has to make in payment or send money to their belongings has to rush towards the bank and at bank there is a complete procedure to be followed to transfer money. Money of your own holding with a particular bank or branch can be transferred to any other bank with a single financial transaction.

In older days account holder has to fill the form which is provided by the bank some legal documents are attached such as your identity card and then the process of transferring of funds are to be carried out, but now this all in your finger tips.

Technology has always provide us a easy and comfortable life to live, here you just have to use your finger tips to transfer your money in the very start the ATM machine was introduced for the withdrawal of cash but with new features ATM technology enjoys its edge we can transfer funds by using or Debit Card.
Find a nearest branch ATM machine insert the debit card follow the instructions and transfer your funds to anywhere.

Funds now can be transferred using your mobile, tablet pc or laptop as well an application of almost every bank is provided, in the very first stage you should download that app and make registration, some legal questions will be asked and the number of debit card as well than you are all set for the usage. It is a way in which banks are not direct intervened or any other staff of the bank this all is computer based system.

Applications for such deeds are provided by the banks these applications are encrypted so the security for the account holder can be maintained, we are living in the technological era, there are lots of demerits of this as well meaning your accounts can be hacked and you can be left with nothing in your hand hackers can make you bankrupt but the encrypt applications are facilitating us to avoid such hurdle.

People should also not share his or her account details with anybody these cases are very rare but it happens suppose you are having a debit card and your sibling know your pin code now with due respect that is very common that person uses your debit card for the payment without telling you.

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