Describe the Power which is used in the Organization

There are the multiple type of powers which are derived from the organization power is anything or any authority to exercise activities, in the organization there are different types of positions and according to the positions powers are distributed.

Reward Power: Reward Power is something which is related to the motivation of employees through the incentives, these powers are executed by the managers who use the extrinsic and intrinsic reward in order to get control on their employees, managers must have skills to utilize those rewards successfully.

Coercive Power is anything in which manager has the authority to deny any desired reward or can give certain punishment to those people who does not meet the criteria set by the management by the word punishment we do not mean any kind of stick it can be in the shape of demotion from the position or sometimes may the transfer to less developed area, in the coercive power type the theories are used like theory X and theory Y.

Legitimate Power: It is kind a of power which comes in the or which is known as formal hierarchical authority, in this authority the manager enjoys the self-esteem as its subordinates call him the Boss.

These are the word in the legitimacy with whom the manager control its subordinates as he has right to command but once the legitimacy is lost the subordinates will not accept any authority from the manager.

Process Power: In this power a manger becomes an authority who can control the methods of production and the manager on this position also has the authority to place any individual in the position where the influential of transformation of inputs into output can be controlled .

By making the choices a process power manager has the authority to control and manage the analytical process.

Information Power: It is power in which manager has the right to control the flow of information shared by the higher authority, this kind of position is only allowed to only special peoples or positions as the company cannot share its secrets only the required information is shared by the company’s manager, this system of information is only limited to the middle level manager.

Representative Power: It is right in which a company allows a person to show himself as a representative or speak on behalf of the company, this authority is only given to those person who are having strong potential and this position is created almost in each department of the company.

The representatives of the company are also kept for the outside dealing of the company where they can represent the company as it helps the organization to deal with the varieties of the organization.

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