What is Bank Account and Kinds of Bank Account?

A Bank is a financial institution which maintains the deposit and credits of the customers for that maintenance a bank asks its customers to open an account with the bank as the proper maintenance can be proceed according to the customer.

A customer can open current accounts, credit accounts, or any other that a customer thinks that it is suitable for them.

Actually it is the duty of bank’s personnel typically known as customer services officer to guide the employee and suggest them a bank account what is suitable for them, this process is carried when a customer come to the bank and ask the bank to open an account, the customer services officer ask some questions to know better the customer such as the type of business that a customer processes, what can be their regular income, or what is their expected income for a particular period.

According to the need of the customer the bank account is opened for the customer in bank, there are multiple types of the bank account such as Current Account, Fixed Account, Profit and Loss Account and other value addition account offered by the bank.

Current Account of a bank is mainly offered to those parties or customers who are doing businesses in huge or in other ways we can say that this account is operated by the businessman, the requirement for the opening of current account for a businessman is that it requires Identity Card, the letter head of the company or business that is carried out by the customer, and National Tax Number for those customers who are tax filers.

After the documentation process the customer services officer inserts all the provided data into the computer with the bank’s software then it is authorized by the operation manager and manager as well and manager send that account opening request to head office, after some time the bank account of a customer is opened the customer services officer now will make the call to customer and say Thank You for opening bank account with our bank we are pleased to tell you that you bank account is opened with our bank we welcome you and will make sure you can get all the facilities from the bank please come at bank and collect your cheque book.

A cheque book is booklet that is provided by the bank to the customer it has twenty five to fifty and hundred leafs as well as per the suggestions and need of the customer, a cheque book is a printed document booklet on which the complete information of customer is printed and customer uses that cheque book to for the payment and withdrawal of money.