Difference between Manual Accounting and Computerized Accounting

In Manual Accounting System the company need persons who can be either the book-keeper or the accountant, they do record and maintain transactions in the books of accounts such as General Journal, Ledger, Trail Balance, Income Statement and Balance Sheet all these books are recorded by the accountant or book-keeper
In the Computerized Accounting System there is a need of a user simply who can record the provided data into the computer program and all the complete books of account is recorded by the computer automatically.

For the Manual Accounting System company needs a person who is specialized with accounting only but for the computerized accounting system company need a person who is not only specialized with the understanding of basic accounting terms but also the usage of the computer system as well.

In the manual accounting system the accountant or the book-keeper has to record the financial transactions in the books separately (Cash Book, Sales Book, Accounts Receivable & Payable Books etc) where as in the computerized accounting system user need to enter the transactions in the system software which is provided by the company.

The difference of the speediness in the manual and computerized accounting majors a lot, in the manual accounting system the speed of processing the data into the books of accounts and creating the actual figures by calculator with manual calculators takes time a lot but in the computerized accounting system there is no need to calculate the figures separately with the every transaction carried out by the user in the software complete information can be seen by just a one click within the seconds.

The cost of maintaining the books of account in the manual accounting system is much higher than the computerized accounting system in the manual accounting system the books are purchased separately for each nature of account and there is a bundle of books in every month of financial year.

The purchase of these books every month costs where as in the computerized accounting system you do not need to purchase the books once the company has to purchase the computer and then a software this is the only investment which can be carried out for the longer period say for suppose next twenty years, it saves the cost for maintaining the books of accounts.

Once you have prepared the books of accounts manually now you need an space in the department of finance where you need to store those books of account which is general known as record room, record room is a separate place in the company where they need to store their books for the record but in the computerized accounting system the hard drive, USB or any other storage device does the job of recording the data.

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