How the Goods are exported by businessman from one country

A company which produces products locally it is very big achievement for any company that its products are going to be exported that really is an objective of every company that they must at some stage come to an stage where they enjoy the peak of maturity.

Before the exporting of goods some responsibilities (social responsibilities) to country by the producer must be meet by the company such as it is the responsibility of the local companies to provide enough supply to local market so that there should be no shortage which usually results in the inflation in the country.

The ethical responsibility of any company who is going to exports its product is that they should be the reason of proud for country not a shame, lets understand this situation with an example:

A company which is offering some sort of services it reaches to a position where its name is recognized by the international market now when the company is going to business with international markets, it is not only the name of the company it is the name of the its country as well from where it has originated.

The business which is carried out by the company must be legal and according to the law and does not involve in such acts which can lead the both company and the country to a shame, some companies involve in the criminal acts by taking the shadow of the legal companies on their back they use to export and import some illegal inputs which are restricted and harmful for the general public.

Company must understand that they represent their country as well so they should not deal with adulterated products, when a deal has been done by the local and international market the quality is decided as well so it is the duty of the company to meet with the criteria set by the international markets.

The other responsibility of the company to its country is help the country in the economic stability like the profit he earns from the business should not be invested in the other country it must be invested into the home country so the unemployment can be meet.

When a company invest his money to its own country it has many benefits economically and socially as well, economically in a sense that when the investment in the shape of new plant more labor can be employed, with their processes more profit can be generated which helps country for more profit.